Another useless class-action lawsuit

I actually write quite a bit about classaction lawsuits. However, I don’t know how much sense this one makes, so here it is:

A U.S.-based national organization of Filipinos and Filipino Americans is preparing a $500M class suit against ABC Network in the United States in response to a slur against Philippine medical schools and Filipino medical professionals, aired in the premiere episode of the fourth season of “Desperate Housewives.”

Oh boy. Give me a break. Can we say overkill?

One Filipino lawyer said the class suit is needed to protect the reputation and credibility of Filipino doctors.

‚ÄúThe reputations of doctors are affected, their income is affected and this is a major damage inflicted not only on them but also the universities in the Philippines,” said lawyer Ted Laguatan.

So. A stupid joke on a silly show (that I don’t even watch) has damaged the reputation and credibility of Filipino doctors, who need to earn American degrees even if they have Filipino degrees anyway?


2 thoughts on “Another useless class-action lawsuit

  1. Proud Pinoy

    So you think it’s a stupid joke? I guess if someone calls a black person a “Nigger”, that’s just a stupid joke too? And you say it’s overkill? The only way that ABC will feel the pain the inflicted on the Filipino community is in the wallet.. and 500 Million is as painful to a corporation like ABC as it is what was said on Desperate Housewives that episode… and just as painful to a black person when someone calls them a “Nigger”.

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