Way to piss off Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry — you know, up and coming Hollywood producer and filmmaker, longtime playwright who’s had huge success with the Madea plays? — was with Janet Jackson, promoting his new movie “Why Did I Get Married?” on Sacramento’s CW morning news show. Everything was going great, until…they started questioning Janet Jackson about the her Super Bowl mishap in 2004.


I realize that when you say “Janet Jackson” that’s the first thing people think of now. Never mind her previous years of acting, her enormously successful music career, her smokin’ body or her trend-setting dance moves — all everyone remembers now is everyone has seen her right boob. I also realize that reporters are supposed to ask the tough questions that no one else wants to ask.

But at the same time? There’s another person there that’s going to make it awkward (Tyler Perry), this happened three years ago, and hasn’t she already refused to answer questions about whether the incident was on purpose? When is it time to let this go? Will it ever be time to let this go?

You have to watch the video, which is included in the link to the story. It’s actually more excruciating than the story says. Not only did they ask her about the Super Bowl thing, they asked if she was wearing an iron jumpsuit, and is that how she rolls now? And also asked if there were any wardrobe malfunctions in the movie.

Tyler Perry was endlessly classy throughout the ordeal, interjecting that he was hoping to go to the Super Bowl himself, then saying he didn’t know what they were talking about and also commenting that Sacramento was the first (in a probably interminable series of interviews) to ask about the Super Bowl thing. Way to go guys!

I think its not a huge leap to assume that Tyler Perry will never again agree to interview with Sacramento’s CW station.