I pink-ified the place

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I changed things! Wah! Things are pink! And the pretty picture is gone!

screen shot

Alas, things had to change people. I’m sorry. I was tired of the design and I really wanted a redesign that would maximize the “above the fold” space. Trust me, it was harder on me than it will be on you.

This redesign is the end result of a series of big changes. First off, I have quit Blogger — I know! The shock! The outrage! — and have installed WordPress. Why? Well, when I started researching my changeover to a Blogger Beta layout, I found out that I would no longer be able to maintain my entries via FTP. Now, that may not sound like a big deal to you, but I have had ftp from the very beginning and I like to have that control. I really resisted quitting Blogger, since I’m a creature of habit, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet — like the time I switched from doing my own pages, html and css and switched to Blogger. It’s progress, people. Progress.

Now, obviously, I could have somehow stuck with the same type of layout and the same pretty picture, but I’d been mulling a redesign for a while. Like I said earlier, I wanted something more space efficient — meaning, I wanted something that would better use all the screen space — plus I wanted something simpler and new. I also originally wanted an image that would be static on each page, but I couldn’t think of a logo, so I scrapped that thought. Plus I am still learning this funky WordPress PHP thing, so I’ll leave designing my own theme for later.

I was just about to go with themes like Seashore or Soulfood, but didn’t for various reasons — Seashore was too much like the design I was leaving and Soulfood was not widget-ready, plus, when I started editing it, I somehow broke it. Oops. I also briefly considered a theme called Evanescence, but as my friend Sam pointed out, it was like deja vu — it nearly mirrored my layout for Random Thoughts, the predecessor to this blog.

I like this new layout for a few reasons — its efficient and uses its space nicely. The field for posts is pretty big, so if I post another picture from I Can Has Cheezburger?, it won’t interfere with the sidebar. It has two sidebars and its widget ready — making it easy to rearrange things (one of the reasons why I had wanted to go with Blogger Beta in the first place).

I ended up going with the Pink Freedom theme because I liked the way the columns were set up, it was widgetized and I discovered the code was super clean and easy to edit. Good job, whoever widgetized it! And in my previous Blogger research I stumbled on Citrus Moon, where I got the lovely striped header. Thank you!

Now, please don’t leave me simply because I got rid of the pretty picture. Then again, if that was the only reason why you were coming here — good riddance. Hee. But you might be wondering why I went with pink this time. Well, I went with pink for a few reasons — I’ve already gone through lavender/purple and blue and I’ve been lately embracing my pink side. I think I resisted pink in the past because I don’t think I’m much of a girly person, but I’ve come to the conclusion that being girly is not the worst thing that I could do. Plus, I think the addition of the lovely tile from Citrus Moon helps neutralize the…uh, girliness.

Now, if you were worried that I got rid of my Blogger persona completely — you would be wrong. Actually, because I was so good at keeping control of my blog via ftp, all those old entries will still be available — IF you know the exact addresses. I’ll probably disable the Blogger version later on, but of course, will still hold on to my blogspot address. Plus, I doubt I’ll migrate my other blogs to WordPress — its just too much trouble, in my opinion.

So, enjoy!

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