Baby bliss

IMG_2970I often ask my husband, “do you think we should have had a baby sooner?” Michael is about 7 1/2 months old now, and he’s at such a fun age. Whenever he sees me, he grins with his whole mouth and he seriously thinks I’m the funniest person EVAR. (I’m going to remind him when he’s a teenager and thinks I’m so not amusing…) When I pick him up at daycare, I like to walk up quietly so that he can see me and be surprised. When he does finally see me, his eyes light up, his whole face breaks out into a grin and he starts pumping his legs excitedly. I love it. I’ve never had anyone be so excited to see me!

He’s growing so fast though, both in intelligence and motor skills. It’s seriously so incredibly amazing. I now understand how so many women love babies and totally miss when their children were babies.

Michael, right now, is sitting up on his own easily and loves his dub-dub — a teal green elephant with a rattle on one paw, rings on another, a teether on a foot, and a rattle on the inside of the last foot. Oh, and he squeaks when you squeeze his tummy. Also, he loves the latest toy we got him — squeezable, chewable and very colorful rubber blocks. He’s also so close to crawling — I’ve been joking that he’s perfecting his Pilates “bridge” move, while his daycare lady once exclaimed to me that he can do the downward dog yoga pose.

And, he’s been babbling. And its the most adorable thing ever. That’s where the dub-dub nickname came from — there was one day where I could swear that was all he was babbling — “dub dub dub dab dub dub dab dub!” And sometimes, in his babbling, I could swear he’s actually communicating with us.

For example, the other day, I finished feeding him, and said to him,” OK, Mikey. You hang out with daddy, and I have to get dressed for work, then we’ll go downstairs, OK?” I had just set him down, sitting, on the bed, and he immediately reached for dub dub, and I could swear he said, “OK.” I immediately looked at Trin and was like, “did he just — ?!” We both laughed hysterically. Another time, I had asked him if it was OK if I could get dressed, and it totally seemed like he said, “uh huh.” Has this boy been here before???

Oh my goodness, he’s so adorably cuddly now. I love this time. I kind of want him to never grow up from this time, but I’m so eager to do more with him — go to Sea World! go to Disneyland! take him on a vacation! Sigh. I adore this boy.