Got stuck in traffic

I didn’t leave late for work, but I ended up being late anyway, thanks to a jackknifed big rig on the westbound side of the 101 Freeway about 2:30 p.m. It wasn’t even on my side of the freeway (I go eastbound to get to work), but of course you have looky-loos, and its the holidays, so of course there’s traffic. I think what made it all the worse was the fact that the sky and the day was gorgeous and all you wanted to do was go! but you couldn’t because of all these cars and the subtraction of three lanes on one of the busiest freeways in Southern California. Sucks.

So, after calling work to let them know what was going on, I decided to start taking pictures. What else can you do? Grind your teeth, keep changing lanes, honk or yell? Right. Only if I needed higher blood pressure. I figured, hey. Its a gorgeous day, its a week from Christmas, and everyone else on this freeway looks so grim and stressed out. I decided I might as well take some pictures, have some fun and maybe some of the drivers stuck in that terrible traffic would see my grin and lighten up.

I think it worked. After snapping one picture, a man, driving with who I presumed to be his wife and his kid in the backseat, drove into my view and tipped his hat to me. I gave him a big grin. It made my day.