Chatsworth train crash

Photo by Spencer Weiner/LA Times

Photo by Spencer Weiner/LA Times

Its unfortunate to say, but journalists bear with your everyday stories and news reports just to be able to cover a story like this — a devastating train crash with a death toll of 18 and rising.

Yesterday was one of the busiest Fridays I ever had.

That said, I want to put out the call to anyone who wants to tell the story of their loved one, or their story of survival, or their story of being lucky not taking the train that day. Let me know if you want to talk, and I’ll hook you up with the right people. In addition, if you have photos you want to share, let me know, and I’ll post those on my work site too.

This crash gives me mixed feelings because Trin and I have been talking about possibly moving to Camarillo in the future (more bang for your buck, though farther for me from work). If we were to move to Camarillo, taking the train would be the natural solution to the extra long commute. I don’t think the crashes I’ve seen — first Glendale, now Chatsworth — scare me off, but they do give me pause.

And, I gotta say, being in the newsroom as this train crash coverage went down felt like deja vu. It was like Glendale all over again — not being able to go out to the scene and all. In fact, this is the third major train crash I’ve missed out on covering — the semester after my editor stint at Cal State Fullerton’s Daily Titan, there was a big train crash in Fullerton.

Dude. That ain’t right.