OJR, signing off


Uh oh, how is this possible? Robert Niles of the Online Journalism Review has bid us farewell. I’d say this was a sign of the times (another ring in the death knell of newspapers, yaddah yaddah yaddah) but this is the Online Journalism Review! Online Journalism is supposed to be thriving, and we need pubs like OJR to keep watch and give us constructive criticism!

After a decade, the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication has suspended publication of OJR.

One of OJR’s goals over the years has been to help mid-career journalists make a successful transition from other media to online reporting and production. I’m pleased to say that USC Annenberg will continue to provide support in that area, through the Knight Digital Media Center. I encourage OJR readers to click over to the KDMC website and its blogs, if you are not already a regular reader there.

The decision to suspend OJR for now means that I have left the University of Southern California. But I am not going offline. I will continue to write, daily, about new media and journalism at my new website, SensibleTalk.com. I hope that many of you will click over and visit me there.

Finally, on behalf of OJR, I want to thank you. Thank you for your readership, tips, corrections, kind words and support. And I want to wish you success as you work to build engaging, informative and sustainable websites, to better serve your audiences.

So… in that spirit, I suppose that I will borrow a classic sign-off from the world of journalism, one that’s been borrowed by another recently:

Good night, and good luck.

Now what?