WowOWow sounds too much like Wowowee

It occurred to me tonight that the new women’s website that is, like, the cat’s meow, WowOWow (is that how you would type it?) sounded weird to me because it sounded so much like the show Wowowee. The show, for you non-Filipinos, is a an insanely popular game/quiz show with singing, lots of bouncing by the girls (I dunno what you call them — show girls? Barker babes? Willie’s wenches? Ooh, sorry, heheh) that gives away a lot of money. My mom freakin LOVES this show. I think it is one of The Filipino Channel (TFC)’s most popular shows.

Anyway, if you just say the two names over and over….don’t they kind of run together? I mean, dude, if anything, there are way too many W’s and O’s used either way. Both are hard to say. And you stumble as you spell both of them.

I’m kind of tired, so I can’t think of more comparisons than what’s here now. But if you can think of any, let me know.

A website/blog A show on the Filipino Channel
About women Mostly exploits young women
Written by women with money Gives away a lot of money, in the name of charity, but really to entertain viewers with sob stories
English is language of choice Taglish is language of choice