My hometown McDonalds goes feng shui

Feng Shui McDonalds
Photo ripped off from Eater LA

McDonalds, when you’re a kid, is the spot to go to when you’ve been exceptionally good. When you’re a teenager, its the spot to find freedom from adults. As an adult, its the spot to avoid, since nearly everything served at McDonalds is going to net you one pound. So where Feng Shui fits in there, I’m not sure.

Anyway, yeah, this is my hometown McDonalds. For the longest time, it was the only one in town. A couple years before we had to move away, they built a second one within walking distance of my old house. Bastards.

I’m not entirely sure that remodeling a McDonalds in a largely Hispanic neighborhood to be feng shui was the best strategy, but hey. What do I know?

hat tip to LAO and Eater LA