How not to pick up a woman

Say two beautiful women are having dinner at, oh, let’s just pretend its the Yard House in Irvine. You want to strike up a conversation, but you don’t know how to go about it. Suddenly, genius strikes you — you’ll write a note! And send a glass of water over!

Pick Up Note

If those are the thoughts that strike you, I advise you to stop drinking alcohol at that point and instead start swigging that water you contemplated sending over.

FYI, this did not happen to me, but to my lovely coworker, Jenn. I’m not exactly sure if it was Jenn or her friend getting picked up on, though. So, be advised — if you ever do anything goofy to get a girl’s attention, rest assured — all her friends and coworkers will hear about it. And if you decide to send evidence, like the above-referenced note, it might just end up on someone’s blog.

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