This blogger on ice goes bust

Oh well. I really had hoped to make it out to the bloggers on ice event tonight, but seeing as how its 8:04 p.m., I obviously didn’t make it. There were several reasons:

  • I live in Agoura Hills so making it out to downtown LA at rush hour (to make it there about 6:30-ish) was a traffic nightmare
  • Payday is this week, so obviously, I’m on my last couple of bucks, even with the bit of ad money I have, the combo of ice skate rental/ice skating session/parking/gas was just not going to happen
  • Plus, no one was really expecting me, and I already dragged my very accommodating husband to a party where he didn’t know anyone just two days ago

So with all that in mind, we turned around at Topanga Canyon and went to the mall, where I bought two beanies with a gift card I got from my boss.

I still really want to go ice skating though, so I’m putting some feelers out there — anyone want to join me at Pershing Square in early January, maybe Sunday the 13th? for an evening of ice skating, joking and sweets eating with Trin and I? Leave me a comment.

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