My alma mater trying to promote safe sex

This is like when keeping it real goes wrong.

My college paper (I’m not even sure if it was editorial or advertising, who knows) decided to include condoms in an issue of the Daily Titan. As bad enough as that is (I can just imagine opening up the paper and seeing a condom fall out, and looking around in embarassment, hoping nobody saw the condom as I stuff the paper and condom in the trash), they also had to advertise it. How did they advertise it? By putting up a poster of two stick figures having sex. Oy:

The promotional campaign sponsored by the student health center and the Daily Titan newspaper at California State University, Fullerton called for placing some 4,500 condoms in the paper’s Nov. 14 edition.But a poster alerting students to the giveaway offended some students who objected to the image of stick figures appearing to have sex, and their complaints led campus officials to cancel the giveaway.

Honestly, I’m trying to find the words as to why this was a dumb move and I find myself speechless.

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