Fire coverage dies down

Pepperdine university unscathedI’m exhausted and I never even went out into the field. I’ve been working since Saturday night, and my Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night shifts were dominated by fire coverage. My headache hasn’t even gone away yet.

I wanted to point out the News Buf blog, by Pepperdine University Graphic reporter Chris Segal. Apparently, he’s also the son of a Freedom Communications head honcho Jonathon Segal, according to Editor and Publisher. I had bookmarked News Buf way before the fires broke out, but he’s got some interesting tidbits and good pictures (one of which I posted to the right) about trying to cover the fire as a student journalist.

I also wanted to point out this slideshow of photos taken by Dave Malkoff, Josh Rubenstein and Bryan Frank. The photos are incredible, but then again I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less from these guys.

And for future reference? Dave Malkoff, Josh Rubenstein and Bryan Frank all have Flickr accounts. I know you knew about Bryan Frank, aka beFrank, but I bet you didn’t know about Josh and Dave.

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  1. FlutePrayer

    Your darleeneisms updates aren’t showing up on my Google Reader (I just tried re-subscribing) or my blogrolling, but Wedding Decorator is. I’ll have to check in more often. I missed a bunch of your great posts!

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