Tuesday is my Monday*

And man, am I exhausted. I’ll update again later.

*And now its Wednesday. Mondays are usually slow for most people coming into work, but when you drive over the last hill down from Woodland Hills and see a huge plume of smoke — I knew it was going to be a long night.

By the way, I did my patented photograph-while-driving here for your viewing pleasure:

And I took this photo from the third floor of the Studio City Broadcasting Center parking structure:
Wondering what I did to feel so exhausted? Well, besides maintaining the live webcast from Chopper 2/Sky 9, updating the story, and cutting video (by the way, did you know Jim Hill was one of the evacuees?), I compiled this entire slideshow – although I was not able to provide captions for every single one. Well, at least I got the screen grab of the flames lighting up the Griffith Observatory that’s been popping up everywhere.