Chick-fil-A chatter

Back in September or October, when I purchased my car in Garden Grove, you know what my next immediate thought after finally getting the car in my possession was? We are SO stopping at Chick-fil-A.

Mind you, the closest Chick-fil-A to Garden Grove (on the way back to Los Angeles, where we lived at the time) is in northern Long Beach, but it didn’t matter. And Trinity didn’t argue, as much as he hates driving out of the way for food. We went and savored a couple of those tangy, perfectly breaded chicken breast sandwiches, some nuggets and those waffle fries – for less than $15! And we took a few sandwiches home.

I did the same thing after covering the Long Beach Grand Prix. My point? That all came flooding back as I began checking my daily blogs and saw Franklin Avenue posted a bit about the Chick-fil-A after a recent discussion on LAist.

Seeing as how the nearest existing Chick-fil-A restaurants are at least 29 miles away from me or farther, its encouraging to know that one will be opening on June 7 in Oxnard! Just 23 miles away!


Well. At least I’ll only need to take one freeway to get there. And it’ll be near the beach! That’s reason enough for me.