A daily rabbit hole

The new Studio City Broadcasting Center, home of CBS 2/KCAL 9, is a bit like a rabbit hole or a maze, if you will. It’s HUUUUUUUUUGE. The first floor is easy enough to navigate (this hall leads into the cavernous newsroom, into each of our control rooms on the left and into each studio on the right), but trying to go elsewhere other than the first floor? Man. I was totally lost. We need some signs.

The website team’s new digs are pretty sweet. The desks are smaller, but the computers are much more spaced out. Plus we have these nifty new chairs that are extremely comfy and don’t smell of long gone behinds. And, yes, that is a soda on my desk – I’m not being a rebel! I am merely complying with a new memo that our boss put out, saying we can now eat at our desks! Hurray! (The whole food restriction thing was a pickle, since my habit been to eat at my desk while watching the wires and manning the phones.)

We didn’t get new computers or monitors, but the rest of the newsroom did – dual monitors with new, more powerful towers and brand new keyboards.

Everything is new, including the graphics and the HD. Here’s the CBS 2 control room for our first ever broadcast in HD.

And really, this is unrelated to work, but I passed this on my way out of our parking structure the other night. Did I make a wrong turn into New York? Nah, I guess the CSI:NY folks store their cars in our structure over the weekend. I guess seeing things like this, and seeing Ben Affleck’s parking spot occupied by Ben Affleck, is commonplace for working at a studio lot.

My pictures aren’t that great, but I know where you can see some much better pictures. Newly-arrived reporter Dave Malkoff has some great photos (from what is probably a much better camera) on his blog, plus it appears he has an active flickr account. Enjoy!

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