A message from Kenneth Eng

I had found an email address on a page that supposedly belonged to the now infamous god of the universe and sent a quick email – would you like to talk? I got this reply back today:

from: Slayer of White People
to: Darleene Powells
re: Would you like to talk?


Why, so you can make childish jokes about me on your sh*tty website that only you and your groupie friends visit? You think I haven’t dealt with you c*cksucking white girls before?

Don’t think I don’t know what you’re saying to yourself — “Ha, ha, he’s so weird. He’s not like us.” But that’s why I’m successful. I am unique, which is why I am a published author and you and your conformist friends have nothing but each other.

Go charge someone for sex like you white girls are good for.

Kenneth Eng, novelist

Heheh. He thinks I’m a white girl. He also thinks he’s successful. Heheh. I wrote back:

“No” would have been fine. However, I do get the picture. take care and God bless!

4 thoughts on “A message from Kenneth Eng

  1. Wow.

    You know, in a warped way, you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.

    Everyone strives and hopes to make their mark on the world, and look at the impression he’s left so far – he’s a hate-mongering vanity press author with an unhealthy love of dragons (carrying swords! and guns!) and plushies, not to mention a puzzling god complex. Poor sod can’t even understand that he’s had his ass handed to him. Several times.

  2. “…you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy”

    Yeah, I can.

    The man’s off his nut and he’s too stupid to realize that he’s just digging himself a deeper hole by responding to people in this fashion. Great, a “published author” through a vanity press. Real accomplishment there, sparky.

    I’d be fascinated to see the direction his “professional life” goes in over the course of the next ten years. Portrait of an idiot in action.

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