Calling all newspaper women…

If you used to work at a newspaper (even if you work at a new one), here’s your opportunity to mouth off about the experience. My former editor Amber Willard (one of the only editors who ever game a damn about me when I was a reporter) is now a Ph. D student and wants to know why you left. The only ones who would be excluded would be those still working at their first newspaper. Here’s her note:

As I explained before, the project focuses on why women leave newspaper jobs.
Any woman who has worked at a newspaper qualifies for the study – she can still
work at a newspaper (as long as she hasn’t worked at only one newspaper and
still works there, since the questions focus on why women leave newspaper jobs)
or she can work outside the industry. She needs to have worked in the editorial
department of a U.S. newspaper within the past five years.

The survey is online and takes 10 or 15 minutes to complete. The women will be
asked to enter their name and e-mail address on the first page of the survey,
but it is just to verify that they have agreed to participate in the survey.
Their name and e-mail will not be linked to their responses. Instead, each
survey receives a coded number. I do not have access to the names and e-mail
addresses of survey participants.

I really appreciate your cooperation and would be grateful if you would forward
the survey to women who qualify for the survey. In turn, they should feel free
to forward the survey link to any other women they know who qualify.

If anyone has any questions, I can be reached at awillard -at- In
addition, if any of the women want to receive a summary of my findings, I’d be
happy to pass them along; they can e-mail me a request and I’ll add them to my

The survey link:

Like she said, the survey is anonymous and really fast. And it gives you an opportunity to mouth off about the whole experience, if you should feel the need to do so. And I know quite a few of you do. So if you’d like to participate, or know someone who would, click/forward away.