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I’ll take an earthquake any day

Tropical storms line up to pummel U.S. coasts

Tropical storms line up to pummel U.S. coasts

I have a good friend in Florida who says she would never want to be in an earthquake. But check this out — after Gustav weakened and passed through New Orleans (which had to be evacuated), there are four different tropical storms in the waters surrounding the southern coasts of the U.S. — in the east, Hanna, Ike and Josephine, and to the west, Karina.

Shoot. That’s a lot of prep and fear I’d have to sustain in the next couple of weeks. At least with an earthquake, its a little shake, a little rattle, a lot of media frenzy, then you roll — on with life. Our last earthquake, which was pretty strong but really not that big of a deal, cracked a few homes nearby, but that’s it — did anyone have to evacuate? Nope.

Now, wildfires? That’s a different story. Maybe I’ll post more later on that.