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Strangers help a Fullerton student

Last week, a professor I met at that social media workshop I attended in September posted on Facebook, asking for help for a student who had hit bad times. I wasn’t even Facebook friends with Brent Foster at the time, but saw his post reposted by someone else. I reposted it, and another Fullerton friend asked me how his company could donate $100.

Long story short, Brent Foster established a GoFundMe for the student, identified only as Jessica, with the intention of raising $2000 for her. The account, when I checked it a few minutes ago, was at $2,060.

It’s really great to see so many people want to help someone in need. I don’t have the ability to help monetarily myself, at this moment, but wanted to do my part by sharing about Brent’s efforts. I remember what its like to hit hard times when you’re that close to meeting your goals. Hang in there, Jessica, these tough times will only make you stronger ( and prepare you for future tough times ahead).

McCormick Specialized Reporting Institute

Last week, I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in a McCormick Specialized Reporting Institute at Cal State Fullerton. The topic on hand was “Covering Social Protest Movements in an Age of Social Media.” It was an interesting seminar, bringing together content creators of all types — newspaper reporters, both local and non-local, social media managers, photographers, web producers like myself — to discuss journalism, protest movements and social media.

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Another hit for journalism

Samantha Gonzaga -- cheeky in more ways than you know

Samantha Gonzaga -- cheeky in more ways than you know

My buddy Sam, a reporter at the Long Beach Press-Telegram, has had enough and is leaving the PT. Sam and I did some major time at the CSUF Daily Titan together (she was managing editor to my eic) and its a shame because she is exactly the type of person Southern California journalism needs — an immigrant who speaks a second language who spent her teen years in Southern California, who won’t get lost on the freeways, who worked her way up into city government coverage, who shunned the fluff of features. She won’t be going back to newspapers or news, unfortunately, and its a shame. From the Stress-Telegram:

Karen Robes and Steve Carr offered the following:

Samantha Gonzaga is one of the most versatile reporters in the newsroom. She started at the paper 4 years ago, working her way up from general assignment weekend reporter, to a beat covering five cities – Downey, Cerritos, Bellflower, Lakewood and Paramount. Sam could have chosen a smaller beat, but she didn’t, because of her dedication and determination to make sure all our communities are represented equally. Sam has covered everything from the always-riveting Leadership Long Beach, Long Beach Library foundation and kiddies on the beach. Also covered numerous gang shootings in the street, court sentencings, and was witness to the largest wildfire on Catalina Island. We will all miss Sam’s energy and twisted sense of humor in the newsroom.

Let’s all wish he[r] luck in her new venture in urban planning.

Out of the people who made up my staff at the CSUF Daily Titan, I think Trin and I may be the only ones left in daily journalism. Who’s left?