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So our first real Christmas morning (complete with tree and…

So our first real Christmas morning (complete with tree and presents) was a success, I think, judging by the number of subsequent fights over who got to play with Buzz throughout the day. These boys have a whole host of new toys to play with, so many that I needed to bust out with an even bigger crate to serve as the toy box. Wonder what I should do with the first toy box? Merry Christmas!

This kid is quick

Mike has been cracking me up lately. From calling me “ridiculous” lately to arguing with me as to why he should still get ice cream after I told him neither brother could have any if one of them dropped food, utensils or bowls on the floor — I’m being kept on my toes when it comes to kid logic.

What has cracked me up the most was the wholehearted of adoption of Christmas. See, I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas and the decor/ tree aspects weren’t a big deal to my husband, so we only got our first tree this year, now the boys are totally aware of the tradition.


Despite all the talk about Santa in the cartoons and commercials and I’m sure the kids at daycare, Mike and Chris have not yet associated the jolly fat dude with the holiday. However, Mike has the association with the Christmas tree and presents down pat. In fact, when telling my older sister about our Christmas tree over one of their recent dinner FaceTime sessions, he told her the tree now needs presents. When my sister asked if the presents could be shoes or clothes or socks, he replied, “no, toys, Auntie.” So of course, my sister asked what kind of toys. “Toy Story toys,” as if, duh.

LOL, well, I guess in my family, there’s no such thing as Santa (yet), but there definitely is Auntie!


I was at work last night, trying to finish up so I could get home to my family, when I saw multiple tweets from my buddy Marc, making jokes about Jeremy Lin. I knew who Jeremy Lin was, but Marc was a baseball and football dude — why was he tweeting Lin jokes? Turns out every Asian American I knew (and I know a lot of them, obviously) on Twitter and Facebook was tweeting the heck out of the Knicks/Lakers game — all in favor of Jeremy Lin.

But it wasn’t just an Asian American thing — Jeremy Lin has captured the attention of all basketball lovers. What is it about this guy? Is it simply because he’s the first American of any Asian descent to really do well in basketball? Is it because he’s Christian? Is it because he happened to explode on the scene in New York, where dreams either come true or die, and not much in between? I’m trying to figure it out.

(Trinity, by the way, was mostly just so irritated by the Lakers horrible shooting night that he didn’t even want to hear any discussion about Lin. I think he thinks I have a crush on him, but that’s not the case. Lin is simply a fascinating case study of sudden celebrity.)

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Budget Christmas cards

I love Christmas cards. In fact, I love all manner of physical correspondence — letters, postcards, etc. and I love this time of year because I get photos and cards in the mail! (You might remember Michael’s birth gave me the opportunity to send out birth announcements, whee!) Anyway, I did have a dilemma this year. I’m on maternity leave, so income is iffy, making Christmas card purchases out of the question. Also, I have many photographer friends, but they all like to shoot outside, and Christopher is still too young for an outdoor photo shoot. What to do?

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