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I’m here!

funny pictures of cats with captions

It’s been busy, with AAJA stuff. I’ll post later, when I have a break. But then….it won’t be a break if I’m blogging! Anyway, I’ll be back. Someday.

Unannounced visitor in the patio

I was putting around on the computer yesterday afternoon when Trin called me urgently into the bedroom. When I came in, what did I see, but a cat’s head peeking with wide eyes into our bedroom. So I slowly made my way to my purse to get my camera, but by the time I got it out and ready, he had slunk away.

Oh, but he returned.

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Animal planet

You might be wondering what is the deal with me, since I haven’t been blogging and haven’t posted pictures to Flickr in a while. First off, if you’ve followed my blog with any regularity, you know I sometimes just don’t feel like it. Plus I was sick for the past week, even had to call in to work three days in a row. And, my camera had a smudge on its sensor, which required spending a weekend at a camera repair shop. (By the way, I first looked online then asked photographer friends about removing the smudge myself before finally finding Pro Camera in Thousand Oaks. They fixed it faster and cheaper than some of the places with the best reviews on Yelp.)

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Did ‘House’ need medical attention after stuffing a cat into a bag?

Episodes of “House M.D.” don’t show up on Hulu until about two weeks after its aired — odd, but whatever — so I completely forgot how I nearly hit the floor laughing from the scene in which House stuffs the “death kitty” into a gym bag.

Because, as any cat owner knows, cats do not like being put into things, be they bags or cat carriers, and cats also do not like things on them. The scene was hilarious. Here’s the actual episode, and the scene I’m talking about is at 27:00.

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