An Elliott photo gallery

Elliott is three weeks old today, so I figured it was time to get on the computer and share some photos of the little guy. I’ve had to soften on my policy of keeping Elliott’s photos off social media for the first six months because Trinity has totally blown it to smithereens. However, this is still the best place to see photos of the little guy’s face.


One of the first things folks ask me when talking about Elliott is, “how are Mike and Chris doing with the baby?” They are absolutely fascinated with their new baby brother. Michael is constantly asking to see him, and lately has been frequently declaring, “aw, he’s so cute!” and “he loves you!” (to me), in his adorable preschooler’s lisp. Chris also likes to try and see his baby brother, but I have to shield Elliott away from him a little more because Chris is like an oversized puppy — doesn’t know where his limbs are half the time and is totally unaware of his own strength. These past couple of days, however, I’ve had to keep the boys from kissing their baby brother because they’ve had the sniffles.


This photo is a bit fuzzy, but is basically our first photo as a whole family. This is it, people. This is IT.


We got this little preemie-sized outfit as a gift for Michael, who only got to wear it once. So Elliott sported it for Easter last week.

I’m still mostly barred from lifting heavy things (Chris is seriously weighty these days, plus he kicks) so Trinity is still handling bath and toothbrushing duties on his own. So one night, as each big kid was getting his teeth brushed, I took pictures of the other kid hanging with Elliott. And I got lucky with an in-focus photo of all three of them together — its a perfect illustration of their fascination with Elliott.


Elliott seems to be taking it all in stride. Maybe he got used to the chaos while he was still in the womb.