This kid is quick

Mike has been cracking me up lately. From calling me “ridiculous” lately to arguing with me as to why he should still get ice cream after I told him neither brother could have any if one of them dropped food, utensils or bowls on the floor — I’m being kept on my toes when it comes to kid logic.

What has cracked me up the most was the wholehearted of adoption of Christmas. See, I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas and the decor/ tree aspects weren’t a big deal to my husband, so we only got our first tree this year, now the boys are totally aware of the tradition.


Despite all the talk about Santa in the cartoons and commercials and I’m sure the kids at daycare, Mike and Chris have not yet associated the jolly fat dude with the holiday. However, Mike has the association with the Christmas tree and presents down pat. In fact, when telling my older sister about our Christmas tree over one of their recent dinner FaceTime sessions, he told her the tree now needs presents. When my sister asked if the presents could be shoes or clothes or socks, he replied, “no, toys, Auntie.” So of course, my sister asked what kind of toys. “Toy Story toys,” as if, duh.

LOL, well, I guess in my family, there’s no such thing as Santa (yet), but there definitely is Auntie!