Rounding out a trio of boys

You read that right. Seeing as how I already have Michael and Chris, a trio of boys means I’m expecting a third baby boy.

I am due in about early May, but with my track record I could give birth anywhere from late March through April. I am again trying very hard to make this pregnancy the one that goes the full stretch and maybe, just maybe, have that ever elusive VBAC. So we’ll see about the due date.

So, with that bit of news out of the way, you might have a few questions so I figured I would put together a couple of FAQ’s.

Was this pregnancy a surprise?

Well, let’s see. I sold my breast pump on Craigslist, gave away the boys’ baby clothes and gear to a friend, and donated the rest, along with my maternity clothes, to charity over the summer. I think its safe to say this baby was a surprise.

What about your birth control?

The pill, considered one of the most effective methods of birth control, is still only 98 to 99 percent effective. And I am certain, this time around, that I was taking it correctly. So, in conclusion, yes, I fell into that teeny tiny percentage.

How are Mike and Chris taking it?

Mike seems game to have another brother. Chris is such the baby in the family now, though, so I’m more concerned about how he will react. We won’t know for sure till the day comes, so we’ll see.

Were you trying for a girl?/Will you try for a girl next?

Short answer, please see FAQ #1. Long answer, I don’t feel a need to have a girl. I love my boys, and they are more fun than I could have ever imagined they would be. I feel as if “trying” to have a certain sex baby is just setting yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment — kids are people, after all, and even if you got the sex you wanted, they are going to go their own way eventually.

And, after this baby is born I am shutting down this baby factory permanently, to put it delicately. I really thought we were stopping at two, but obviously God had another plan for our family. I’ve been really hating how much of a big boy Chris is now, anyway, so I kind of look forward to having another tiny little human in my arms again.

So for now, that’s that. I’m having another baby and its a boy. Actually, right now, the most difficult thing is trying to come up with a third boy name. Naturally, when Trin and I began planning for our family, we of course had a name for a girl and a boy — 50/50 chance each time, right? But now we are trying to come up with a third name for a boy and we’re a little stumped. Let me know if you have any good ideas!