You’ve been Lipped

Chris loves to take off his shoes and socks right now. He usually does it in the car, but lately he’s been doing it in his high chair. It’s a nuisance, especially considering I’ve been sleeping late these past few days and I need them out the door fast. Anyway, this particular morning, Chris kicked off both shoes, and I put them back on, telling him, “no, no.” After doing something in the kitchen, I came back to find he had kicked off his shoes again. This time, I swatted a foot, and said, “No, Chris! Don’t take off your shoes, no!” while shaking a finger at him.

He looked at me, eyes all big, and his lower lip began to jut out. I swear his eyes just grew bigger as his lip jutted out further, and I broke down laughing. I couldn’t keep going with the scolding. I said to my husband, “I’ve completely lost the effectiveness of this. Look at his lip.”

Anyone have any strategies to keep from being Lipped? Chris has learned this technique all too well.