Strangers help a Fullerton student

Last week, a professor I met at that social media workshop I attended in September posted on Facebook, asking for help for a student who had hit bad times. I wasn’t even Facebook friends with Brent Foster at the time, but saw his post reposted by someone else. I reposted it, and another Fullerton friend asked me how his company could donate $100.

Long story short, Brent Foster established a GoFundMe for the student, identified only as Jessica, with the intention of raising $2000 for her. The account, when I checked it a few minutes ago, was at $2,060.

It’s really great to see so many people want to help someone in need. I don’t have the ability to help monetarily myself, at this moment, but wanted to do my part by sharing about Brent’s efforts. I remember what its like to hit hard times when you’re that close to meeting your goals. Hang in there, Jessica, these tough times will only make you stronger ( and prepare you for future tough times ahead).