Laker game with kids

My work, from time to time, hands out tickets to events, and the most coveted ones are of course Laker tickets. (Although last year, Kings tickets were a hot commodity.) Anyway, I happened to win last Friday, so I got Trinity to haul the kids over to my work and, at quitting time, we all made our way in my car to Staples Center.

We happened to not get parking passes this time (we’ve gotten them before with suite tickets), so we parked at LA Live, right off Olympic. I highly recommend this, by the way — its a quick walk to Staples Center (even with two kids), and just $15 for the duration we were there. If we’d actually gotten to the game on time, maybe parking might have cost more, but oh well.

But, alas, our Lakers could not sustain their lead against the Wizards. The Washington Wizards. Guh. For games attended, Trin and I are now 0 for 4, but he’s determined to prove we’re not a jinx. He says he fully intends to attend every game he can until he can prove it.