Headed for a hotel

Some people might think that staying at a hotel on the landlady’s dime would be great. But when you’re not on vacation, ah, no. It is going to suck.

Next week, movers are going to move all our furniture out of our first floor, and then they will replace the floor and the walls. But over that week, my boys and I will be living in a nearby hotel — can you imagine sharing a room — even a hotel suite — for a week with your two toddlers? Without vacation activities to tire them out every day? Yikes.

I’ve already been thinking about what we’re going to have to bring. Obviously, diapers, clothes and shoes and toiletries, but also their sippy cups, milk, snacks, toys, ointments (diaper rash ointment, teething gel), electronic gadgets and their corresponding cords, bath stuff, lotions….good Lord, my head is beginning to hurt thinking about all this stuff. Can hotels provide high chairs? Should I call about that? And don’t get me started on Trinity and his dilemma regarding our DVR.

And because my laptop is STILL on the fritz (anyone know of a Mac repair service that can clean a logic board of corrosion caused by a liquid spill in the LA area?), I won’t have a computer in the hotel room. I’m actually trying to convince Trinity to bring the iMac with us. I’ll let you know if I succeed.