The state of my kitchen

The state of my kitchen. #picstitch

I’m actually glad to be at work today, with all the turmoil in my home life. You never know how much we get used to our day-to-day routines until one or two things get thrown out of whack. First, it was the loss of my laptop, which needs a new logic board. Because of our current circumstances, I’m going to have to wait to fix it. So that’s like needing to be on crutches — inconvenient, but I can still manage most of my daily online tasks with my phone and iMac.

Oh, but then you incapacitate my kitchen, and it’s like you’ve taken away one of my thumbs. This morning, I was spinning in circles trying to remember this and that, and getting mad at myself for forgetting things that I usually do the night before — like prepare the milk I pumped for the baby. That milk ha to be thrown out, which I hate to do.

All that, in addition to the stifling heat we have to keep the house in because it will help dry out our walls faster? Oh God. I was so stressed out when I left the house this morning, I was grateful to have work to escape to.