Another mommy blog

I’ve been a little preoccupied, to say the least — there’s work, kids and a whole host of other stuff, of course. But my online time has become spread thin, with my creating yet another blog on Tumblr (and an accompanying Twitter account), trying to keep up with Wedding Decorator (plus its accompanying Twitter account and Facebook page) and….Pinterest. It’s a total time suck, but I can see why its the fastest growing social network right now.

Anyway, I did launch another mom blog, but I’ve called it the Hack Mom and I am holding off on buying a domain name for it for now. I don’t want to do with Hack Mom the way I did with Good Mommy, Bad Mommy. I think that keeping up with Hack Mom will be easier for me since Tumblr’s format is a little more short and sweet.

Then again, you never know.