City News Service makes good

Not too many people know that I worked a few months on the cops desk at City News Service, before I became a reporter at the Glendale News-Press. The cops desk was located at Parker Center. It was a grungy room, more like a closet, with a few scanners and a couple of small TV sets that barely had color and a pretty disgusting phone. But it was good experience, and I think about it every time someone tells me to take City News Service stories with a grain of salt because their information is almost always inaccurate.

Well, the City News Service reporters proved those naysayers wrong. It turns out it was a City News Service reporter who broke the story about LAPD officers going undercover inside the Occupy LA camp. From Fishbowl LA:

Duchon’s dispatch was quickly picked up yesterday evening by MyFOXLA and the LA Times, and since then by all manner of local, national and international media.

Well, there you go.