Afternoon at the Huntington

Back when Trinity and I didn’t have kids, I used to spend all day at various Southern California landmarks just taking pictures and enjoying myself. I dragged Trinity to all manner of places, including the occasional hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. Alas, when you have kids, especially a newborn, you have to kind forget the clock and basically run your visit around what your toddler will have fun doing.


Ah well, it is what it is. While my day trips aren’t my own anymore, it is a peculiar kind of joy seeing these places through a child’s eyes.

But not before you have lunch, heheh. Which is what we did upon arriving at the Huntington at about 12:30. What? When you have a cranky toddler who just woke up from a car ride nap, that’s what you do.

Anyway, you might be wondering if I enjoyed the Japanese Gardens, or the art collections. Or, how did I like the architecture of the buildings? Yeah, I couldn’t tell you because we basically spent all our visit in the Conservatory and in the Children’s Garden.


Mikey is at such a fun age (in spite of the occasional tantrums, whining and other assorted toddler behavior). I remember taking him to the Long Beach Aquarium this time last year, before he turned 1, and he really wasn’t into all the fish and exhibits. Now? Look how attentive he is to that one tiny fish in that dark tank in the Conservatory. He’s so cute.


As for my photos, now I don’t just take photos of buildings and landscapes. Can you blame me? My subject is so photogenic.


That children’s garden, by the way, is fantastic. Its perfect for toddlers. I can see why the Huntington attracts so many moms — for pregnant women, the flat paths are perfect for some low-key exercise; and for moms with kids in tow, that garden is a godsend.