Lessons learned during the 2nd pregnancy*

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while, and tonight I finally have time to write it. Only problem is….now I think I’ve lost all the points I wanted to make for this particular post. Ah well, here’s hoping it’ll come to me as I write.

So, here I am, 32 weeks along. The baby is, according to the doctor, doing well; we’re going in for another ultrasound this coming Monday to make sure he’s the right size and that everything is as it should be. I’m pretty sure already that my belly is bigger at this point in this pregnancy than Michael was my first go-round, so that’s good. Hopefully, Mikey’s brother will be to term — although, I’m sure it will be highly uncomfortable for me and I’ll be wishing for bed rest and an early delivery during the dog days of September.

So, on to my lessons. Seeing as how my first pregnancy wasn’t all that long ago, its not hard to remember my worries and anxieties from back then. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Maternity bras: Go into any maternity clothes store and they will start pushing maternity bras and sleep bras at you early on. Don’t do it! I found them to be a waste of money, especially sleep bras. If and when you do find the girls getting bigger than your pre-pregnancy bras can accommodate, skip those money wasters and go straight for a nursing tank. This second pregnancy, I went a little hog wild on nursing tanks (both the full and side-sling types) from Target, but I really needed them — I was wearing out the two nursing tanks I’d bought my first time around. I use them for lounging around the house and while sleeping (hello, third trimester in summer), and I may use them under work clothes if I get more uncomfortable as I get closer to D-Date. Added bonus: These tanks also support the belly!
  • Childbirth classes: Thank God I kept excellent notes. Because I don’t have enough time, between work, commute, husband and toddler, to try and take childbirth classes again.
  • Mommy hair: I chopped my hair off before I hit six months. First off, it was getting too long and the ends were dry. Second, Michael was beginning to pull my hair. Easy solution — cut it all off. Plus, I remember all too well how ginger my husband was when trying to get my hair off my neck while I was in labor the first time around. Yeah, I don’t want to get annoyed with him for yet one more thing at that point.
  • Baby registry: There was some stuff on our first registry which were must-haves, like the crib, crib mattress, playpen, etc. But in the end, especially since you’ve got plenty of hand me downs from a big brother, gift cards to stores like Babies “R” Us, Target and Carters are invaluable. I even asked for gift cards to stores that are more for mommy/daddy than baby, like Apple and Burke Williams. What? Mommy needs a massage, trust me.
  • Watching movies while pregnant: I forget what I tried to watch in the theater while I was pregnant with Michael, but I had to run out twice to use the bathroom. During our recent vacation, Trinity and I saw two movies and I didn’t have to leave once. How did I manage this feat? I didn’t drink a thing before and during the movie. It was quite the departure for me.
  • Relaxing and taking some time every day: With Michael, I used to eat lunch at my desk, then go home, blog and work on stuff for AAJA. This time around, I eschewed all extra activities, I barely blog, I leave my desk for occasional walks around the building and read every day while scarfing down lunch in the commissary, after which I take my book and read in the sun for a little bit. I think it has helped me keep my blood pressure in check and the swelling down, even though my limbs still feel like sausages.
  • Pampers vs. Huggies: Its the eternal question, and I finally have come to a conclusion. Pampers are fine for when you have a newborn/baby who needs frequent changing. But when you’ve got toddler-sized bowel movements and need a diaper that can hold a full night’s worth of pee — I’ve learned that Huggies are sturdier.
  • Diaper bags: This was actually advice I earnestly took to heart early on — go for the backpack diaper bag! I don’t know why so many diaper bags are shoulder bags, but I can’t imagine a better way to throw your back. And, it makes it a little more OK for hubby to carry the diaper bag. Double bonus!
  • Diaper wipes: We once ran out of wipes and my husband had to run to a nearby Wal-Mart, where he picked up some Huggies wipes. I may like their diapers, but I swear by Target’s up & up non-scented wipes. They’re flexible enough to wipe easily in between folds of skin, but built like actual cloths, so they don’t fall apart in your hands. And they’re cheap! In fact, the fact that I and another mom had them in our diaper bags convinced our daycare lady to switch, and now she’s a big fan too.

That’s all I have for now. I may have more later, I may not, but its time for me to clean up the kitchen and get to bed. Good night, y’all!

*This turned into more of a “Lessons learned by a second-time mom” type of blog post. Hey, take all the advice I can give!