2nd trimester, take two

I haven’t blogged much about this particular pregnancy (did I really blog a lot about the first one, though?), but its partly because it has been largely uneventful. This baby, when he gets older, may be happy to learn his gestation wasn’t as trying as his older brother’s was — I’ve had no sign of hives, acne hasn’t been such a problem, and so far — no carpal tunnel. Yet.

In fact, I think I’m already as big as I ever got with Michael. Which makes me think….oh my God, I may get bigger yet.

At any rate, I’m at 26 weeks, moving into 27 weeks. I’m staying conscious of keeping my feet elevated at home and at work. I’m not really swelling up, although I had to take my wedding ring off yesterday because it felt super tight and found it had left a lovely (not) imprint on my ring finger. However, even though I’m technically still in the 2nd trimester, I’ve already been feeling third trimester aches and pains — increased back pain, exerting myself is more difficult, and I sometimes get dizzy if I get up or stand up too quickly. Oh, and I’ve been itchy.

Anyway, that’s my pregnancy report. Maybe I’ll have more later.