Santa Paula, Chick-fil-A and a big bear

A day off never seems to actually be a day off for me. I took the day off today to spend some time with Michael and Trinity, since the latter had to work all weekend. (Yes, he worked on Mother’s Day. Yes, he got an earful.) At any rate, it doesn’t feel like it was a day off, simply because I was running around and doing so much. The first thing I did today was drag Trinity and Michael all the way to Santa Paula so I could renew my driver’s license. And I had to take a picture, unfortunately — at five months pregnant. Hopefully, I don’t turn out looking like I’m swollen.

We were all hungry, so we headed out to Chick-fil-A, where Michael had his first taste.

First taste of Chick-fil-A

First taste of Chick-fil-A

First taste of Chick-fil-A

It was a good time and Michael had a ball.

Oh, but that wasn’t all. We still had to go to Costco and that’s where we met the bear.

When I go shopping with Michael, I have this habit of bringing different textures — stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, whatever — to him so he can check it out. So when we came upon these giant bears at Costco, I naturally took one out, waved it about at Michael, who squealed and tried to hug it from his seat in the cart.

What I didn’t expect is that he would fall in love with it and start whining and crying as I moved to put it back. Trinity immediately started pressing the case of the bear. As we put frozen pizza in the cart….”don’t forget the bear.” As we chose a few Carter’s shorts outfits…”we’re already halfway to the bear.” As we waited in line to check out…”that bear is going to be gone when we get back.”

I tried to stay strong, I really did. I tried to give a little, saying…at the end of the month, when I get my next couple of blog payments, we’ll get the bear. Then, it became, “OK, Thursday, we’ll get the bear.” Finally, after talking to the girl who helped pack our cart at the check out line, who sold the bear as a great deal, considering it was a 53-inch bear for $29.99, I finally relented. “Fine! Get the bear. Go, before I change my mind.” The bear was so big, that it nearly dwarfed Trinity as we walked out with it.

That's a big bear!

Yeah, but check out that face. (And, we’ve been wondering if that crooked smile is in response to his first molars coming in…) He LOVES this bear. It always makes him giggle. And honestly, considering we’re going to have a second boy and that they’re probably going to share a room, I think that this was a good decoration investment.

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