First haircut

Is the first hair cut a rite of passage? I’ve heard of many parents simply cutting their own kids hair until, say, 2 years old, but I don’t really trust myself with scissors, plus I didn’t want to cut off Michael’s curls completely. I’d resisted his first haircut for as long as possible, but even I had to concede it was starting to resemble a rat’s next at certain times. Also, Michael has this new habit of putting his hands in his hair…as he eats. Yeah, it was getting to be a mess.

Pre-haircut Post-haircut

Here’s some before and after pictures. See, he’s still got the curly mop, but its a little neater. Also, with the slightly shorter hair, his curls have tightened up. Oh, he’s so cute.

Trying to find a place for the first haircut was interesting, by the way. There are quite a few salons that cater just to kids, like the now-shuttered Okie Dokie Kids Salon and First Cut 4 Kids, both of which are pricier and feature more bells and whistles, like a DVD of the first haircut and an Internet broadcast, in the case of First Cut. I’m pretty happy with where we ended up instead, a small salon called Bambino’s in Agoura Hills. It was fast, easy and pretty painless, although Michael might beg to differ. Check it out: