Food truck homeruns

I know I’ve been too busy/lazy/preoccupied to blog lately, but I swear life hasn’t been completely boring lately. There’ve been a few blog-worthy events in life lately. But this blog has become way focused, unlike what my old journal used to be. Man, I miss that thing. The other day, I was reading some of my anonymous posts and it really brought me back and gave me some perspective I’ve lost lately. Anyway, I did want to give some props to a few food trucks that have been around CBS Radford lately.

One day a few weeks ago — maybe a month or so ago — I didn’t bring lunch and I was contemplating getting lunch from our commissary. Via Twitter, I saw that the NoJodas Truck was coming to the lot and, man, a pan con lechon sandwich sounded really good. Then, I saw COOLHAUS was coming the same day! Score.

I mean, check out that sandwich. It was literally dripping chunks of pork. The French bread was perfectly crunchy and really couldn’t contain all the porky goodness. It hit the spot.

Then, the fried plantains. YUM. Perfectly salty, crunchy and STILL WARM. I can’t wait for No Jodas to come back to the lot.

Like I said, I also tried COOLHAUS for the first time that day. They didn’t have any flavors I particularly wanted to try, so I asked for their recommendation and got the pear ice cream. It was surprisingly good, gave a good pear kick as the ice cream lingered on my tongue. COOLHAUS came to CBS Radford again today, and the folks in Truck 1 were good enough to stay until after their scheduled departure time of 3 p.m. so I could go get an ice cream sandwich. (I was pleading with them via Twitter to STAY, PLEASE STAY SO I CAN PARTAKE! Yes, pathetic, I know.)

Excuse my super dry fingers and terrible cuticles, but this was red velvet ice cream between red velvet cookies. I was even serenaded as they prepared my ice cream sandwich! After securing my sandwich, I went back to my car and proceeded to gobble it up. It took me back to childhood, as ice cream drips fell on my shirt and I got crumbs everywhere as I ate and read in my car. Everyone should have an ice cream sandwich on the Friday of sucky work weeks.