Christmas card time!

Once you enter into a new phase in your life — newlyweds or new parents — the photo Christmas card becomes a must. Sort of. Once you’re about 5 years into your marriage, I feel a little like, that couple better have a new little person to show off, or the annual card showing off your latest overseas vacation picture with the requisite Psalm is a waste of a stamp. Oh, but once you finally have a little bundle to show off…..first pressure-filled question becomes, “which picture to use?”

I have a lot of them, of course.

Should it be just the picture of my little cutie pie?

Or should it be the whole family?

Or! Should it be a goofy, cute picture of the baby???

Decisions, decisions. Then there’s the additional pressure of — what design to choose? OMG. I’ve pored over many display of Christmas cards. I prefer Christmas cards with Scripture (or religious Christmas cards, as most websites put it), since that’s what Christmas is about. But those designs sometimes leave something to be desired. (Remember, I used to work at a newspaper and my husband is a designer, so design and typography and use of color is very important to us.)

So I think I’ve narrowed all my Shutterfly choices down to these three:

The red and tan Christmas card with the names of Christ is the traditional card I’ve bought over the years. But I love the idea of the Christmas letter, detailing all the great things that have happened over the year. Of course, the Top 10 Moments card does the same thing, in a handy dandy list format. What’s a mommy to choose??