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I realize I’ve been a bad blogger, but if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you would know that occasional blog silence is normal. (And now I have a really good reason.) Especially when you’ve been blogging for as long as I have. Let’s see, I think I’m going on….12+ years here….yikes. Nonetheless, despite my long stint on the blogosphere, I was still not one of the lucky few to receive an invitation to Blogger Prom 2010. I aim to the change that for 2011.

You had to do one of two things to be invited to Blogger Prom 2010. 1) You had to have attended Blogger Prom 2009 and blogged about it. Or 2) you had to be a Los Angeles blogger who has been posting regularly since January 2010. However, invites were at the discretion of the Blogger Prom committee, so I guess I just don’t know enough folks! Gah!

Which is ironic, because I did know folks who went. Franklin Avenue‘s Mike and Maria were in attendance, as were AAJA buddies Michelle Woo and her new hubby Matt, plus Joz was named Blogger Prom Queen!

So…..even though I didn’t get to attend this year (and I hear it was an awesome time!) I’m going to blog this in the hopes that next year’s Blogger Prom committee will read this pathetic plea. I’m even going to shamelessly drag out the high school story — I decorated my senior prom, but couldn’t go because I had to help my mom decorate a convention. Cue violins….

Besides, wouldn’t you want to see a fun, smoking hot couple like this one at your party? We’ll even be designated drivers!

Jinah and Matt's wedding

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