Miss you, mom

If you’d survived, you would have loved Michael. Especially now that he so curious and I can make him giggle. In fact, mom, I make him giggle the way you used to make my baby brother (who’s now 23!) giggle — by play biting his chest and tummy.

I miss you more than I could have ever anticipated. I miss sitting with you. I miss your stories of Judge Judy and Judge Milian’s cases. I miss going back to the store to exchange — and then re-exchange — whatever gift I thought you might like, but was probably useless to you. I miss being amazed by the wedding decorations you planned and created. I miss your cooking — oh God, I miss your cooking. And I even miss you teasing and making fun of me.

I especially miss you, now that I have this adorable baby boy whom I know you would have adored. I wish so much I could have snapped photos of you and Michael together, that I caught myself trying to Photoshop an old photo of you and him together.

You would’ve been 66 today, mom. I love you and I miss you terribly.