Back to normal blogging

Sure, this blog is basically about my life, and my life has been changed fundamentally, but I feel like my thoughts about Michael deserve its own space. Plus, my younger sister has said she wanted me to start a Photobucket or something for Michael — a gallery of sorts where she can see all his pictures anytime she wants. I did look into some WordPress plugins that would let me put a gallery on this site, but none were as good as Flickr — which I already have and am paying for.

So that means, for those who want to keep seeing those adorable photos of Michael, you’ve got to get yourself a Yahoo account, get onto Flickr and become one of my contacts. I’ll probably continue to post a few photos of Michael here and there, but it won’t be as frequent — especially since I can’t BS enough to warrant a post just for all the photos I take of Michael.

Also, if you’re up for some ultra cute, check out the videos I’ve been posting of Michael on YouTube. And they’re in HD, baby.

Oh, and I do have news and photos.

We took this photo Monday, after we finished dressing him for his 2-month checkup. Michael’s now weighing in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce and measuring at 20 and 1/4 inches. This was also the day he got his first set of shots, which I think was more traumatizing for me than him. (And by the way, I LOVE this photo and have entered it in’s baby model search. Go vote for him! Every day!)

Here’s Michael the next morning, after surviving a slight fever and swollen thighs where the nurse injected the shots. He looks pretty happy, yes?