It’s all relative

Are we tired of all Michael news, all the time yet? If so, too bad, I’ve got more to report. Well, its not new news, just…up to the minute updates. Michael’s doing well, continuing on 3- or 4-hour  intervals for feedings. You have no idea what bliss it is when he goes 4 hours at night between feedings…

Being home with Michael has been great, but I have to confess I’m getting a little bored. I miss interacting with other people who can converse back with me, but at least I’m getting out of the house. After my six-week postpartum appointment came and went last week, we’ve been out and about. I’ve even taken Michael out for walks in the neighborhood the past two days. And, on the me front, I was able to wear my non-maternity jeans to my postpartum appointment! W00t!

Anyway, Michael’s aunts and uncles have been making the rounds to see him. I’ve been admonishing them to hurry and see him before he hits 8 pounds (which I fully expect by his next doctor’s appointment in March). Of course, as they come by, I take pictures and wonder — so who will Michael resemble?

Trinity’s sister was among the first to see and hold him since she came over the day after he came home. (She and her daughters — Trin’s nieces — already scheduled a day off to see us because that day was the original date for our baby shower. Heheh.) Darcella got to hold him briefly, since her daughters had spent a lot of time cooing over him and taking pictures of him as he slept in his bouncer.

My brother came by a few Mondays later. Michael obliged him by sleeping most of the time, but I think Daniel was OK with that. Dude, Michael looks so small in his arms!

My younger sister came to visit on Saturday and also spent some time cooking chicken soup for me. :) Tawny was, dare I say, delighted with Michael and I love this series of photos. They’re so cute! You can click on them and they’ll get bigger.

Of course, I haven’t posted too many photos of myself with Michael. Being home all the time, I’m not exactly getting dressed or made up on a regular basis, so I’m not exactly photo-ready. But I’ve been taking photos of Michael and this photo kind of just presented itself.

Michael was hanging out on the boppy and I kind of just lay down on it with him, since I’d only had maybe four hours of sleep the night before. All together now….. “Awwwwwww…..”

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