Gratuitous post of baby pictures

Michael is doing very well, and thanks for everyone’s prayers and well wishes. I did end up having to stay in the hospital an extra day because my doctor thought it would be prudent, given my respiratory issues last Saturday night. I have to confess I didn’t put up much of a fight because, while I don’t live that far from the hospital, there’s no beating a short walk to the NICU to go visit Michael.

Anyway, we visited with Michael quite a bit today. I went nearly first thing this morning (after eating some of my breakfast because I didn’t want to be scolded for neglecting myself), and Trinity and I went later on in the afternoon, to see him after he was bottle fed again. He’s doing very well — he’s halfway to the goal the NICU doctor has set for him, so hopefully his NICU stay will be just a week.

And if you’re thinking I’m blogging quite a bit so soon after giving birth (it always sounds so weird to say/type that), its all I got until Michael’s home full time. Then you won’t hear from me for a while. :)

On to the pictures!

My siblings laughed heartily when they saw this photo because when I was young (and from time to time I still do), I slept with my mouth open. What?

A close up. I know every parent (again, feels weird) thinks their child is the cutest thing ever, and there are some people out there who think that some babies are just not cute. Sorry, I think this guy is just so handsome. Even with his mouth wide open. Heheh.

Here’s some scale with Trinity’s hand. Trinity looked at this picture and was like, “I don’t even think my hand is that big!” But again…..sigh. There are no words.

The three of us, obviously, in the NICU. Michael’s not looking at the camera, and the photo is a bit blurry (I think it was still in macro mode), and dude, my hair looks greasy….but. Sigh. My heart is bursting. :)

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