Work wasn’t so boar-ing today

At work, we love chases. Usually, they’re car chases. Today, it happened to be a boar chase. Yes, I typed that right. A wild boar somehow got into a backyard in Loma Linda. So of course, our chopper was sent out and we went a little hog wild on the story. Heheh.

I went a little wild on Twitter too.

Sky 9 is over a Loma Linda home, where a wild boar is roaming the backyard. (he shouldn’t be there so close to Christmas dinner…)

Dude, this wild boar is just tearing up this backyard. LOL.

Hopefully, this is not a Filipino home — that wild boar is dangerously close to being lechon.

Earlier, when the assignment desk was discussing the wild boar, I looked at our web intern and said, “did she say boar or whore?”

Wild boar now tranquilized and surrounded by animal control. I guess you’re safe from the spit for now, little buddy.

Overheard the chopper reporter say, “I guess now they’re going to…hog tie him?” Ba rump bump!

Wow, that’s a big boar.

I’ll take a loose wild boar over the usual menu of shootings, stabbings and fatal accidents any day.