Bed rest strategy

Have I mentioned yet how much I hate staying home all day? Just checking. I really hate staying home all day, so this bed rest order really rankles. My first full day was especially bad. I think my mistake was breaking out the laptop first thing in the morning and kind of sitting on it, in front of the TV, all day. All that earned me was a splitting headache for most of the night.

So late last night, as my splitting headache subsided, with some help from Trinity, who I insisted come home early, I made a list of things to do as I sit on my butt with my legs elevated. The plan: kind of treat most of the day like a work day, then break out the laptop around 9 p.m., the usual time I would break it out after work.

It seems to have worked out — I don’t have a headache tonight, and I actually got some stuff done — shredding, filing and phone calls. Maybe it was staring at a screen all day that gave me the headache, or maybe it was watching everyone else on Facebook happily posting their lives away. Who knows.

Anyway, one of those phone calls I made was to my doctor, so I could make sure some other symptoms I’ve been experiencing were not problematic. They’re not, but I realized something from today’s conversation — it sounds like he’s going to keep me on bed rest until the baby’s born, and he’s probably going to induce early, as soon as the baby’s lungs are fully developed at 36 1/2 weeks. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with the baby — he’s wiggly like usual, and in the right position for birth — but it seems the doctor wants to deliver the baby early to lessen the impact on my body.

Delivering so early is a bit of a wrinkle, since we had been planning a baby shower for January 19 — the little guy might be here by that day. So plans for the baby shower change again — first, we’d wanted to have it at Dave & Buster’s but they practically want to charge me an arm and a leg, so screw that. Then, our backup plan was to have it at the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center, where Trin plays basketball. But since Jan. 19 will no longer work, Plan C is to have two small baby showers on Jan. 2 and Jan. 9 at my house, since I’m not allowed to go out. Why two small ones? We don’t have the biggest place, and I anticipate Jan. 2 will be too soon for some folks. So there it is.