Bed rest on doctor’s orders

During our Lamaze classes, our teacher expanded a little bit on how we didn’t want to be ordered on bed rest. In theory, it sounds great — being ordered by the doctor that you can’t go into work, staying home, eating, sleeping and watching TV all day. But no, she said, it is actually incredibly boring — you can’t go out and meet up with friends, have lunch, go grocery shopping, or do stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily think of as work. Upon hearing all that, I was like, that is the last thing I’d want to be prescribed. So of course, that’s what I got as I go from 33 to 34 weeks.

It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, of course. It being the holidays and all, I fully intended on dragging Trinity out today to do some shopping, then we had a feeding class at our hospital at 6:30, and trying to clean our bathroom somewhere in between. But once I got that diagnosis from the doctor, Trinity took me straight home and practically ordered me into my PJ’s. I pouted the whole way home

If Trinity had gotten the order for bed rest, I think he would’ve been a happy camper — he’s happy as a clam staying home, reading and doing nothing all day. Me? Not so much. I like to go out and do stuff, and staying at home makes me a bit stir crazy. I’ve been told I can’t do anything except the essentials — get up to eat, go to the bathroom and shower. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to deal with literally doing nothing for these next couple of days, especially while Trinity’s at work.

Thank God for my laptop and the Internet. Anyone want to video chat? Heheh.

I’m hoping this bed rest is only going to last, at most, for a week. My thinking is that the end of last week — being annoyed by coworkers, then a spike in my stress Saturday due to a story that was being questioned — probably caused my high blood pressure. I’ve never had a problem with blood pressure before, and all of sudden, this morning,, we think the nurse mumbled that I was at 150/100 and she also mentioned that I had protein in my urine — two warning signs, according to this article on pregnancy-induced hypertension.

My doctor also said I’d have to go on disability. Doh! I honestly never thought I’d have to go on disability for anything. I really hope subsequent pregnancies won’t be like this.

Anyway, the goal of all this is to not stress out. I only started reading some articles on pregnancy-induced hypertension and they’re beginning to scare the crap out of me. When my doctor started talking to me about this this morning, he first asked me if I knew what pre-eclampsia was and I think my heart skipped a beat. From what he said, pregnancy-induced hypertension only causes high blood pressure, but that he didn’t want it becoming pre-eclampsia, which can cause severe headaches, seizures, pre-term labor and other things we don’t want happening — thus, the bed rest. And, he said, if my blood pressure continues to stay high, he says he will have to induce labor — which I also don’t want to really do, since the baby’s still cooking and I’d really like to carry him to full term.

So. Next couple of days, I’ll be stewing at home, doing nothing. Hopefully, my sister won’t yell at me tomorrow when she sees this, and next Monday I’ll have good news that I’m off bed rest.

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  1. Robin Elise Weiss

    Sorry you’re on bedrest. Though I am also so thankful for the Internet, I can’t imagine how much worse life would have been on bedrest without it. There are a lot of resources out there for bedresting moms, let me know if you need some suggestions!

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