Swine flu freakout

Being pregnant, I’m finding, is really a state of not doing a lot of things you normally would do. For example, I would normally nurse a mug of coffee every morning as I go to work, but because I’m pregnant — I do not. That’s really been the hardest part about being pregnant, not drinking coffee like I’d like to. Oh, and these last couple of pre-Halloween days, when everyone’s got candy and cupcakes and other sweet things? Torture. And I even had my glucose test this week. I can’t imagine how that turned out. I swear I thought pregnancy was a time when you’d be able to eat what you want. Don’t believe the hype!

One thing that I am supposed to do is get the swine, or H1N1, flu shot. My Ob-Gyn told me to get this a few months ago, so I’ve been waiting patiently for it to become available, either through work, a doctor’s office or other venue. Considering how long its taking to get to people, especially high-risk folks like myself (you know, pregnant women) I get a little more alarmed every day I’m at work.

For my fellow newswomen who are pregnant right now (I think I can only think of one other I know personally, but she’s on the East Coast), I wonder if they get more and more frightened as I am, watching the countless clips of long lines for the vaccine at these free public clinics. The other day, I had to put a package into words about a pregnant El Monte woman who died of swine flu last weekend. I didn’t cry, but the story sure gave me pause. I keep thinking to myself — should we try to get in on one of those free clinics? Then I look at the long, long lines I’m seeing all across Southern California, and that looks more stressful than trying to wait till the vaccine basically comes to me.

It also seems to complicate matters that I work in L.A. County, live on the border of L.A. and Ventura counties, but my doctor is in Ventura County. Heheh, which county would I even go to for a vaccine?

Then, there’s also the question of whether I should compel others who plan to be around my baby when he’s born to get the vaccine. I kind of asked around at church last week, and no one wanted to get the vaccine because they’re suspicious of it. I am, too, but I don’t want to tempt fate by not getting the vaccine.  Trinity seems to think that as long as we get vaccinated (myself and Trinity), we should be OK, since everyone else who comes to visit will use their best judgment on whether they’re well enough to come over and see the new baby. They will? Heheh, I hope so.

So here’s the plan: Our newsroom was finally notified that we’d be getting the H1N1 flu shots (not FluMist) in mid-November and, since I’m in one of the high-risk groups, I’ll of course be given priority. Trinity will also be getting vaccinated, for a fee. And in the meantime, I’ll continue to avoid all the sickies (most of whom have been on the other side of the newsroom) and keep wiping down my desk, mouse and phone before I begin work everyday, which was a habit I formed even before this swine flu scare. Luckily, I’ve stuck to my guns and kept sitting at my desk, which is pretty isolated most days.