It’s a boy!

Trinity and I found out what our baby will be on Tuesday, which is also when I began my coy campaign to get my friends guessing what the baby’s gender is. The night before, I had Twittered:

First thing in the AM, going to the doctor for the 3-D ultrasound. Informal poll: hit me back with an “G” for a girl, or a “B” for a boy!

That got several responses, including guesses that I was carrying twins. (Twins!? Goodness, I’d probably fall over if that is what I had found out.) I believe there were five votes for girl in the poll I posted. But my baby is a boy, after all! Now, I worry that I’m not eating enough to support a boy. :-/

Here are some more photos, including the proof that my wee one is a boy.

The first picture, of course, is the baby’s face in 3-D. Apparently, 3-D is best done further into the second trimester, and we were at 20 weeks, so his features aren’t as clear as they should be, apparently. The second photo is of my son’s (!) profile in regular ultrasound and the third, with the arrow, is of his man parts. LOL. Hopefully, one day, he won’t cringe upon reading this.

The ultrasound technician remarked that he was being terribly camera shy because she could barely get a picture of his face. Apparently, that day, he was head down, facing my spine. I don’t think I’ve felt him moving yet, but I’ve had flutters in my tummy that could be him; I just wouldn’t know how to distinguish between him moving and gas. LOL.

What about me, you might be wondering? Well, I’m still doing pretty good, fighting with the acne and for every little drop of caffeine I can get my hands on.

Actually, this afternoon, I tried to get a flu shot and was told I had to get a note from my doctor (who had told me to get it in the first place!). Then, as I was leaving the conference room, sans flu shot, I spied some leftover sodas from our station’s Dodger party today and saw Cokes — I can’t drink Pepsi anymore, just Coke, and I really prefer fountain drinks. So as I reached in to get one, everyone shot me a look and said, “put it down.” Sheesh! It’s like having Trinity with me everywhere.

I also can no longer fit into any of my pants or skirts. Which sucks. I was trying to wear a Dodgers T-shirt for the party, but didn’t have any pants or skirts to wear it with.

Other than that, life is good. I’ll have to go shopping this weekend — ugh, I hate shopping — and I probably have to buy a pair or two of slip-on sneakers (velcro would work too!). I know I have to start with the registry soon, but I just can’t get to it until after Trivia Bowl. Ah well.