Farewell ‘Kings’

Probably because I’ve always been online, I’ve always been a fan of free things online. The more free you give me, the more I traffic your site, right? Which is probably why I always have a Gmail, Facebook and iGoogle page open. Thank goodness for tabbed browsing. Anyway, Hulu, I’m sure you know, is just the latest of the things I love that is free online, but this time, I think its something that will make returns for the people who probably didn’t want to give it away, but had to because that was just what everyone is doing right now.

First, let me just say I am monumentally disappointed that “Kings” will no longer be producing new shows. I know the story of King David superficially (I know, I know, I should know it better), but this show is just so amazing — the visuals, the acting (and when do you ever hear me exulting about the acting) and the way the show’s creators have recreated the story of David and Saul in a modern time. Seriously, you should watch it, but don’t get mad at me when you come to the end. That’s exactly how I feel right now.

However, Kings was not the first show I began watching on Hulu, nor will it be the last. I love watching shows (and reading books) over and over, so I’ve been devouring Firefly, Dresden Files, even non-canceled shows like Legend Of The Seeker as I work. I discovered The Mentalist online, and got Trinity into it, and now its a staple on our Tivo. The latest show that piqued my interest online was Castle, starring the effervescent Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame, thanks to Hulu episodes. I remember seeing the commercials for the show, but Trinity said that during its first season it conflicted with other shows we were watching, so we couldn’t record it.

Now, with our favorite shows having been shuffled around, we have a new show to fit into our Monday nights.

The only question will be….how are we going to fit all this TV watching time into our schedule when we have a baby…?